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Personal Trainer

Martial Arts Instructor

Private Fitness Coach

Roddy Medders

Functional Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer


in Bluffton & Hilton Head Island, SC and Savannah, GA. Private lessons, group sessions, body weight training, plyometrics, kickboxing, functional movement training.


Encouragement, Motivation and Accountability!


Interval Training, Bodyweight movements, Plyometrics, Movement Quality Training & Performance enhancement. I will keep very accurate spreadsheet records of your performance progressions (some time based and some number based) and keep you Accountable.

My Fitness Training Philosophy:


Move Explosively - Train with Intensity


Intensity is the key to success. Push yourself hard on each and every repetition, but do this within the current limits of your body. Do not injure or over-fatigue yourself.

Push Towards your Potential – Move faster, jump higher, hit harder, stretch farther – Challenge Yourself! But, do not sacrifice Quality for Quantity! Train your nervous system to move as perfectly as possible!

Quality over Quantity! Every rep counts. Practice does not make perfect – Perfect Practice makes Perfect!

Life is Not Aerobic! Power, Strength, Agility, Balance, Coordination and Reaction Time… these qualities are all significantly more important for you to survive and cope with day to day life and occasional emergencies than any type of endurance training.


Move your Whole Body - Integration instead of Isolation


Train Movement not Muscle.  The whole is much greater than the sum of its parts!  The system cannot be adequately trained by isolating individual parts of the system. They work as a synchronistic whole.

 “A body molded by isolation exercises looks like a collection of body parts, it lacks grace, power and flow. A gymnast, track star, or martial artist whose panther like moves and lines we admire so much, never isolates. He integrates. Watch the amazing acrobats of Cirque du Soliel. You will not see isolated muscles, but long and taught entities.”

“Coordinated timing of accelerations, decelerations and alignments of body parts & muscles is much more important to performance than the absolute strength or speed of each independent element.”


Move Every Day


Train as Often as Possible, but Refreshed as possible.

Use it or lose it - Your muscle & Neural Pathways will atrophy if you do not maintain the movement pattern.

Grease the Groove: Repeat the desired movement pattern frequently until it is burned into your neuromuscular memory.

Practice - the more you do something the better you get at it, BUT only as long as you keep fine tuning the quality of your movement and you avoid fatigue, over-training and injury.


Do Your Own Thing


Your body is structurally and biochemically unique, so train, feed & treat it uniquely!

“No two athletes perform exactly the same. There is no perfect style that fits all body types. The key is to improve basic technique without trying to mimic the exact form of others. Learn the ideals in theory and adapt them to your personal traits.”

Everyone responds differently to the same stimulus: exercise, stress, food, supplement, etc…Sometimes very minutely, sometimes drastically, but there is always some difference in response.

Aggressive personality types should err on the side of doing less, Tentative individuals should err on the side of doing more

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is uniquely your own.” Bruce Lee


Recover Fully


Train as Fresh as possible!

Always leave some reserve in the tank!

Do not seek fatigue as your gauge for success for strength & power training.  Never go to failure for strength gains.

Strength is a skill – you are training your nervous system to recruit & synchronize as many fibers as possible intensely as possible.

Rest & Sleep are crucial for high performance & fast progress. Occasionally take time off.

Never push through any sharp or acute pain! Listen to your body.




Shake Things Up


Challenge your body to a new stimulus, But Only AFTER it has fully adapted to the old stimulus.

Once you have hit a plateau, throw your body out of equilibrium with a brand new stressor.

Your body seeks homeostasis rapidly under same state conditions – it adapts. You must give your body a new stress to deal with or your gains will diminish rapidly. Only do this after adaptation to the old stress has occurred!

Variety within a theme, not variety for variety's sake!

Remember, do not sacrifice Quality for Quantity. Master a few moves instead of being mediocre at a lot of moves.


Seek Balance


Constantly seek to perfect the mix of Consistency, Intensity, and Variety & Recovery. This is a dynamic process that must be reconsidered daily, as your body and your environment are in constant change.


Mobility Vs Stability

Consistency Vs. Variety

Specialize Vs Generalize

Train Strengths Vs Train Weaknesses

Power Vs Endurance

Fresh Vs Fatigued

Anaerobic Vs Aerobic

Body Weight Vs External Resistance

Quality Vs. Quantity

Private Training session Rates:



A.)  If you come to me:

(New Riverside / Palmetto Bluff area of Bluffton, SC)


$ 35 for single sessions

$ 30 per session if you Pre-Pay for 6 sessions ($ 180)

$ 25 per session if you Pre-Pay for 10 sessions ($ 250)



B.)  If I come to you:

(Bluffton area - Within 15 mins travel)


$ 40 for single sessions

$ 35 per session if you pre-pay for 6 sessions ($ 210)

$ 30 per session if you pre-pay for 10 sessions ($ 300)


Outer Bluffton area - within 30 mins travel:

(Hilton Head, downtown Savannah, Okatie, Hardeeville areas)


$ 50 for single sessions

$ 45 per session if you pre-pay for 8 sessions ($ 360)

$ 40 per session if you pre-pay for 12 sessions ($ 480)


These rates are for a single person private lessons.

Group rates available.  Serving the Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, Hardeeville, Ridgeland, and Savannah areas.

# of Sessions

I can help you with any of the following:


Sports Performance Improvements


Weight Loss


Toning up, losing weight,

gaining muscle, improving your

balance, coordination,

body control, body awareness.


Increasing Bone Density to ovoid osteoporosis in the future.


Improve you Running, Golf game,

Tennis - any active recreational activity.


Gaining Power, Speed, Strength, Control

Sports, Action & Outdoor Photography:


I love photography, as well as nature & athletics... Luckily, I get to combine those often as part of my career as a stand up paddle board instructor, guide & SUP racing.


I have a lot of my photography on display on my other website,, but on this page: Colleton River Photos ,  I have my most recent photos of Colleton River Plantation Club, including the Jack Nickolaus Golf Course, the Pete Dye Golf Course, Fitness Center, Dye & Nickolaus Clubhouse, Tennis Center, and many other of the amenities that make up the beautiful & scenic Colleton River Club.  Enjoy, and please drop me a note if you have any Photography needs in the Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, Savannah, or Beaufort areas.   I am a proud photographer of this amazing Lowcountry area in which we live!  Thanks,  Roddy

My Fitness Training & Education:



3/10 - 12/10  Manager, trainer & instructor at "Get Fit" gym in Beaufort, SC


12/08 - 3/10 Co-owner / manager of the "Training Ground" functional fitness facility & martial arts training gym in Bluffton, SC


From 2004 - 2009 completed and actively participated in all of the follow:


NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer

ACE – Certified Personal Trainer

16 hrs. of Exercise for Older Adults study certificate

16 hrs. of Post-Rehab Exercise study certificate

Red Cross First Aid/CPR certification

3 Day SCW Fitness Mania Conference various Classes

2 Day Muscle Activation Lower Body Jumpstart Program

3 Day Namaste Yoga Workshop – Kate Potter

2 Day Muscle Activation Upper Body Jumpstart Program

2 Day Anatomy of Yoga Workshop – Paul Grilley

2 Day Muscle Activation Trunk & Spine Jumpstart Program

2 Day FlowYoga Teacher Training

3 Day AFPA Fitness Conference various classes

3 Day AFPA Fitness Conference various classes

FlowYoga Intermediate Teacher Training workshop

3 Day Anatomy of Yoga Workshop – Paul Grilley

YogaFit Teacher Training Workshop

SCW Yoga Fundamentals I & II Specialty Certification

3 Day SCW Fitness Mania Conference various Classes

Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp Instructor Certification American Boot Camp Co.

Group Strength Specialty Certification SCW

3 Day SCW Fitness Mania Conference various Classes

3 Day SCW Fitness Mania Conference various Classes

2 Day AFPA Fitness Conference various classes

2 Day YogaFit Teacher Training workshop

3 Day DCAC Fitness Conference various classes

4 Day ECA/Thrive Fitness Conference various classes

Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED training

Home Study Works of Paul Chek – Anatomy, Fitness

Home Study Works of Gary Gray – Physical Therapist

Home Study Works of Eric Franklin – Human Movement

Home Study Works of Charles Staley – Exercise Coach

My Martial Arts Training & Education:



1980   Karate classes at MCAS when I was a young adolescent, Beaufort, SC

1988   Tae Kwon Do while in college, Wilmington, NC

1990   Chun Ku Do Karate classes at Club Karate, Port Royal, SC

90 - 98   Wing Chun Kung Fu, Filipino Kali, Pentjack Silat, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Goshin Do Karate, & Kuniba-ha Shito-ryu Karate with Rick cElroy. I spent about 7 years with Rick, off and on, and this was the base of my  martial art training, Hilton Head, SC

1999   Jeet Kune Do classes with Randy Othman at Beaufort Police Gym, Beaufort, SC

1999   Grappling for a couple of months at McCullough’s Submission, Beaufort, SC

4/03 – 8/03  Escrima with Grand Master Ramiro Estalilla, Fresno, CA

4/03 – 9/03  Muay Thai with Filipino Champion Jasper, Pacific Martial Arts, Fresno, CA

4/03 – 9/03  Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Ted Stobie, Pacific Martial Arts, Fresno, CA

4/03 – 9/03  Muay Thai with Paul Metayo at his studio, Fresno, CA

89 – 03   Numerous seminars of Francis Fong (Wing Chun Kung Fu), Dan Inosanto (Jeet Kune Do,    Kali, & Silat), & Master Chi (Muay Thai) , SC, GA, NC, & CA

95-2009   Collected & studied intensely hundreds of instructional & documentary videos of a great  variety of martial arts with an emphasis on: Silat, Aiki, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Kali, & Jujitsu - Home Study


3/10 - 12/10  Manager, trainer & martial arts instructor at "Get Fit" gym in Beaufort, SC


12/08 - 3/10 Co-owner / manager of the "Training Ground" functional fitness facility & martial arts training gym in Bluffton, SC


2007- 2015:  trained multiple private clients in self defense techniques & martial arts.


Partial List of Seminar specifics:


Oct, 1995   Atlanta, GA  8 hrs. of Wing Chun study with Sifu Francis Fong

Dec., 199 Atlanta, GA  20 hrs. of Wing Chun, Kali, JKD, Shootwrestling, & Silat

Mar., 1996 Atlanta, GA  20 hrs. of Muay Thai, Kali, JKD, Silat, & Wing Chun

Feb., 2001 Atlanta, GA  8 hrs. of Wing Chun with Sifu Francis Fong

Nov., 2001 Hilton Head, SC 8 hrs. of Kali, JKD, & Silat with Dan Inosanto

Jun., 2003 Los Angeles, CA 40 hrs. of Silat, JKD, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Kali, & Wing Chun

May, 2007 Atlanta, GA  20 hrs. of Wing Chun, JKD, Kali, Silat & Muay Thai

1/08-12/08 Home Study  Studied many Works of Systema – Vladimer & others

1/08-12/08 Home Study  Studied many Works of List of Police Tactics Videos




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Serving Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, Beaufort, Hardeeville & Ridgeland areas of South Carolina and Savannah, GA area.