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 Martial Artist Instruction

Self Defense Lessons

Kick Boxing Pad Workouts

(for Adults & mature teenagers)


in Bluffton & Hilton Head Island, SC and Savannah, GA


Improve your Coordination, Confidence, Power, Body Awareness, and learn new Skills.


I teach a fusion of multiple martial art styles & techniques based on over 25 years of fascination and study of martial arts & body movement modalities. Although exposed to many styles of martial arts over the years,  I chose to concentrate on a mix of the following:

Personal Trainer

Martial Arts Instructor

Private Fitness Coach

Roddy Medders

 I have authored two study manuals for martial arts & women’s self-defense. I have been teaching martial arts & kickboxing classes for many years in both gym class settings & as private lessons. Studied fitness & human movement intensely for the last 25 years, attending well over 20 different conferences, seminars & workshops.   Please scroll down to the bottom to see my full resume of Martial Arts training and education.
# of Sessions

Private Training session Rates:



A.)  If you come to me:

(New Riverside / Palmetto Bluff area of Bluffton, SC)


$ 35 for single sessions

$ 30 per session if you Pre-Pay for 6 sessions ($ 180)

$ 25 per session if you Pre-Pay for 10 sessions ($ 250)



B.)  If I come to you:

(Bluffton area - Within 15 mins travel)


$ 40 for single sessions

$ 35 per session if you pre-pay for 6 sessions ($ 210)

$ 30 per session if you pre-pay for 10 sessions ($ 300)


Outer Bluffton area - within 30 mins travel:

(Hilton Head, downtown Savannah, Okatie, Hardeeville areas)


$ 50 for single sessions

$ 45 per session if you pre-pay for 8 sessions ($ 360)

$ 40 per session if you pre-pay for 12 sessions ($ 480)


These rates are for a single person private lessons.

Group rates available.  Serving the Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, Hardeeville, Ridgeland, and Savannah areas.

What is FlowForce? My personal combination of martial arts, fitness & self-defense based off my various experience with different styles. FlowForce is a fusion of various martial art styles and fitness systems I have studied over the past 20 years. It borrows ideas and movement patterns from Chinese wing chun kung fu, Indonesian silat, philippino kali, Bruce Lee’s jeet kune do, muay thai kickboxing, Japanese aiki and Russian systema. The emphasis in FlowForce is on alignment and structure of your body to maximize control of an aggressor.


Where did the name FlowForce come from? Flow comes from the smooth, relaxed and flowing nature of the my movement style and force comes from the power that is generated by moving your body with proper alignment and intention.


How is FlowForce different from Tae Kwon Do or Karate? Tae Kwon Do and Karate are both fairly hard styles – that is there movement is rigid and angular. FlowForce’s movements are much more fluid, circular and relaxed.


How is FlowForce different from Juijitsu? Jiujitsu, whether traditional Eastern styles or Brazilian styles, are basically grappling where you do a lot of tieing up (locks, wrestling, holding) with your opponent. FlowForce tries to avoid locking and tieing as much as possible to allow the greatest freedom of movement, speed and sensitivity. Many techniques of jiujitsu and judo are very effective, but are not always wisely applicable to a self-defense situation and inhospital environment.  I teach people to use skeletal alignment & biomechanically efficient movement patterns to minimize the need for strength to overcome your opponent – to use the least amount of strength necessary. My goal is to use your body as naturally as possible.


How is FlowForce different than Tai Chi? The movement style of FlowForce is similar to Tai Chi, but the movement patterns are tighter and faster and more direct than typical Tai Chi style.


Is FlowForce suitable for seniors? Absolutely! Because of the relaxed and flowing nature of many of the movement patterns, it is gentle on the practitioner, yet still develops body awareness, balance, & coordination.


Is FlowForce appropriate for the teenagers and young adults who also want a physical challenge or a good workout while they train? Yes, part of the training involves partner pad work that where you can push and challenge your physical abilities to your maximum. I have also developed a very challenging interval shadow boxing routine where you can train as intensely as your body will allow.


How are your classes structured? The standard martial arts course classes are divided into 5 parts: Warm up with basic movement patterns, Review skills from previous class, Skills section where you learn new skill patterns, Pads workout, and a Cool down by reviewing the new skills learned earlier in class. I also have classes designed strictly for women’s self-defense, and various types of exercise and fitness classes.


What are the benefits of FlowForce training? Learn skills to defend yourself and protect your loved-ones, improved self-confidense, improved body-awareness, body control, improved coordination, lose weight, get toned up, increase your fitness level, improved posture, learn how to move better and carry your body better. Progress is measured by your increasing ability to automatically & reflexively move in a given situations – in others words to react into a powerful posture. The goal is to ingrain these movement patterns into your neuromuscular system. Consistent practice for a few months will start to see significant results and improvements in your reactions, coordination and fluidity.


Will my child learn discipline from FlowForce?  Yes and no. My teaching style is personal and encouraging, so there is no forced disciple involved. No strict line-up formations, bows, uniforms or rituals to follow. But, FlowForce can help anyone learn patients with themselves and with others by trying to learn and help their fellow students learn new motor skills and new movement patterns.


I believe that striving to improve yourself, learn and grow are fundamentally important to becoming a better person, and here you will be given a chance to challenge yourself physically and emotionally to bring the best out in yourself and those around you.

My personal philosophy about martial arts, combat, & self defense - I call it:


Pathways to Power


Here is a very brief overview of my beliefs about personal protection and hand to hand combat.  There is a link at the bottom to much more detailed explanations of all of my Pathways to Power.


Seek the Center


Relentlessly drive towards your opponent’s core to disrupt his spinal alignment

Constantly face your body towards the mutual center line & turn his alignment away from your mutual center line

Resist the urge to follow his hands or feet and just Seek his Center


Relax & Flow


Remain relaxed & open to anything

Release any preconceived idea of what move you or your opponent will make

Relax your mind & muscles completely & Flow with whatever comes

Your opponent determines your next move

Flow with your opponent, redirect, then control

Move as naturally & relaxed as possible – as if doing everyday activities

A relaxed body can move much quicker, react faster, and is drastically more sensitive


Evade to Invade


Move off the line of attack with as little motion as possible, then immediately Drive forward and Invade your opponent’s space

Move naturally toward your goal (As If your opponent’s body was not there)

Change your attacker’s priorities by invading his personal space – Cut through your opponent

To find safety, go to the heart of danger


Stick to your Man


Touch your opponent as soon as possible and maintain that touch to feel his movement, position and tension.

Stick to your man with a very Light Touch for Sensitivity and control

Sticky Hands & Sticky Feet

Become one with your man to control him


Take the Easy Path


Seek the Path of Least Resistance

Resist the urge to fight your opponent’s resistance – just Move Around It

Maintain contact, but move from where there is no contact

Reciprocal Tension – If you tense, your opponent will tense, then you have a muscle on muscle battle – instead, Relax and go around his force


Spiral Through


Use a spiraling, twisting motion toward your goal

Spiral towards his center

Resist the urge to move around your opponent’s body or limbs, instead Spiral through his space and through his body to control him

Linear motions are easy to counter – a tight spiral motion is extremely hard for the human body to resist


Return Home


Always return as quickly as possible to home (a neutral, balanced, protective stance)

As soon as you extend, retract back to neutral immediately

Resist the urge to over-extend – don’t stray too far  from home – Stay Close to Home for safety

Home is an Athletic fighting stance (feet shoulder width apart, one side forward 45 degrees, on balls of feet, hands up on center, elbows in tight)



Unify your Bodies


Unify your own body (to keep good structure & alignment)

Unify with your opponent (to control him)

Unify with the earth (to use ground reaction forces to power every move you make)

 Align your whole body in the direction you want to go (from feet to eyes)

Use your entire body to power every move (from the ground up)

Resist the urge to collapse your structure when you feel pressure

Resist the urge to use force – just become one with him, move your body in a graceful, relaxed manner and just allow him to go along for the ride

Sports, Athletics & Outdoor Photography:


I love photography, as well as nature & athletics... Luckily, I get to combine those often as part of my career as a stand up paddle board instructor, guide & SUP racing.


I have a lot of my photography on display on my other website,, but on this page: Colleton River Photos ,  I have my most recent photos of Colleton River Plantation Club, including the Jack Nickolaus Golf Course, the Pete Dye Golf Course, Fitness Center, Dye & Nickolaus Clubhouse, Tennis Center, and many other of the amenities that make up the beautiful & scenic Colleton River Club.  Enjoy, and please drop me a note if you have any Photography needs in the Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, Savannah, or Beaufort areas.   I am a proud photographer of this amazing Lowcountry area in which we live!  Thanks,  Roddy

My Fitness Training & Education:



3/10 - 12/10  Manager, trainer & instructor at "Get Fit" gym in Beaufort, SC


12/08 - 3/10 Co-owner / manager of the "Training Ground" functional fitness facility & martial arts training gym in Bluffton, SC


From 2004 - 2009 completed and actively participated in all of the follow:


NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer

ACE – Certified Personal Trainer

16 hrs. of Exercise for Older Adults study certificate

16 hrs. of Post-Rehab Exercise study certificate

Red Cross First Aid/CPR certification

3 Day SCW Fitness Mania Conference various Classes

2 Day Muscle Activation Lower Body Jumpstart Program

3 Day Namaste Yoga Workshop – Kate Potter

2 Day Muscle Activation Upper Body Jumpstart Program

2 Day Anatomy of Yoga Workshop – Paul Grilley

2 Day Muscle Activation Trunk & Spine Jumpstart Program

2 Day FlowYoga Teacher Training

3 Day AFPA Fitness Conference various classes

3 Day AFPA Fitness Conference various classes

FlowYoga Intermediate Teacher Training workshop

3 Day Anatomy of Yoga Workshop – Paul Grilley

YogaFit Teacher Training Workshop

SCW Yoga Fundamentals I & II Specialty Certification

3 Day SCW Fitness Mania Conference various Classes

Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp Instructor Certification American Boot Camp Co.

Group Strength Specialty Certification SCW

3 Day SCW Fitness Mania Conference various Classes

3 Day SCW Fitness Mania Conference various Classes

2 Day AFPA Fitness Conference various classes

2 Day YogaFit Teacher Training workshop

3 Day DCAC Fitness Conference various classes

4 Day ECA/Thrive Fitness Conference various classes

Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED training

Home Study Works of Paul Chek – Anatomy, Fitness

Home Study Works of Gary Gray – Physical Therapist

Home Study Works of Eric Franklin – Human Movement

Home Study Works of Charles Staley – Exercise Coach

My Martial Arts Training & Education:



1980   Karate classes at MCAS when I was a young adolescent, Beaufort, SC

1988   Tae Kwon Do while in college, Wilmington, NC

1990   Chun Ku Do Karate classes at Club Karate, Port Royal, SC

90 - 98   Wing Chun Kung Fu, Filipino Kali, Pentjack Silat, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Goshin Do Karate, & Kuniba-ha Shito-ryu Karate with Rick cElroy. I spent about 7 years with Rick, off and on, and this was the base of my  martial art training, Hilton Head, SC

1999   Jeet Kune Do classes with Randy Othman at Beaufort Police Gym, Beaufort, SC

1999   Grappling for a couple of months at McCullough’s Submission, Beaufort, SC

4/03 – 8/03  Escrima with Grand Master Ramiro Estalilla, Fresno, CA

4/03 – 9/03  Muay Thai with Filipino Champion Jasper, Pacific Martial Arts, Fresno, CA

4/03 – 9/03  Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Ted Stobie, Pacific Martial Arts, Fresno, CA

4/03 – 9/03  Muay Thai with Paul Metayo at his studio, Fresno, CA

89 – 03   Numerous seminars of Francis Fong (Wing Chun Kung Fu), Dan Inosanto (Jeet Kune Do,    Kali, & Silat), & Master Chi (Muay Thai) , SC, GA, NC, & CA

95-2009   Collected & studied intensely hundreds of instructional & documentary videos of a great  variety of martial arts with an emphasis on: Silat, Aiki, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Kali, & Jujitsu - Home Study


3/10 - 12/10  Manager, trainer & martial arts instructor at "Get Fit" gym in Beaufort, SC


12/08 - 3/10 Co-owner / manager of the "Training Ground" functional fitness facility & martial arts training gym in Bluffton, SC


2007- 2015:  trained multiple private clients in self defense techniques & martial arts.


Partial List of Seminar specifics:


Oct, 1995   Atlanta, GA  8 hrs. of Wing Chun study with Sifu Francis Fong

Dec., 199 Atlanta, GA  20 hrs. of Wing Chun, Kali, JKD, Shootwrestling, & Silat

Mar., 1996 Atlanta, GA  20 hrs. of Muay Thai, Kali, JKD, Silat, & Wing Chun

Feb., 2001 Atlanta, GA  8 hrs. of Wing Chun with Sifu Francis Fong

Nov., 2001 Hilton Head, SC 8 hrs. of Kali, JKD, & Silat with Dan Inosanto

Jun., 2003 Los Angeles, CA 40 hrs. of Silat, JKD, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Kali, & Wing Chun

May, 2007 Atlanta, GA  20 hrs. of Wing Chun, JKD, Kali, Silat & Muay Thai

1/08-12/08 Home Study  Studied many Works of Systema – Vladimer & others

1/08-12/08 Home Study  Studied many Works of List of Police Tactics Videos




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Serving Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, Beaufort, Hardeeville & Ridgeland areas of South Carolina and Savannah, GA area.